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Kitchens with Color

Originally posted on A Detailed House:

I am so sorry this took so long!!! I wanted to offset the white kitchens I’ve shown with some colorful options, however, it was not an easy endeavor. I had a few, but I wanted to show a large range to cover everyone’s style….

I had imagined splashes of vibrant colors, but those were usually on the walls offsetting white cabinets. While I did find some with vibrant colors, I mostly found a trend towards dark “neutrals”: greys, taupes and blacks. Buttery yellow and creams were in abundance, but some were so light, that I really thought they belonged in the white category!

So, without further ado:

I think I’ve made no secret about my love for black and white flooring…coupled with black cabinets, it looks sharp! via John Jacob Interiors

This range is just crazy beautiful!!! The brass knobs, the matching hood, the rich, deep color! It’s a La Cornue range and…

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Ordinary to Extraordinary with the Crown Jewel – Molding!

Originally posted on A Detailed House:

I love molding – just adore it. It takes a plain box and makes it pretty.

So with the success and ease of adding molding to our plain cabinets, surely the ceilings can’t be that hard. I applied the same principle, except the top piece had a 9″ face. That made corners very difficult…for my husband :-) Oh, Lord, were the corners difficult!!

But the beauty of 12′ ceilings is that mistakes are impossible to see and caulk can do wonders! I became a master sculptor, sculpting caulk and putty to fix the corners where we didn’t get it just right.

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